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2015 Super Blood-Moon Eclipse. by shobonimaster
2015 Super Blood-Moon Eclipse.
Not the best picture ever, but about the best I could do with my current equipment and I'm proud I managed that level of detail. It also picked up the stars around it pretty Good.

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Melinda pulled her coat tighter around her body and shivered as she stepped out into the evening air. The sun was already beginning to set and she grew anxious upon realizing she might not be home before dark and toyed the the idea of calling Sonic and asking him to check up on Miles if the two weren’t already together.

“I guess we part ways for now. I’ll go check-up on Vanilla and Cream and you should get home to Miles,” Kai said, stirring her from her thoughts.

“Of course, thanks for helping me keep on eye on things. It really eases my mind,” she smiled.

“It’s never any trouble to help an old friend,” Kai gave her a firm pat on the shoulder and a smile, “I’ll be sure to call you and tell you everything’s okay once I get there.”

“Thanks, I’ll talk to you later, then.” she smiled he turned to leave.

“Tell Miles I said hi and that he’s always welcome to come visit,” Kai waved as he started to back away down the sidewalk

“Of course, maybe I can drag him away from his work and adventuring long enough to spend some time with you,” she laughed.

Kai simply shook his head and smiled as he turned away.

“I think I will call Sonic,” she fished out her cellphone from her coat pocket, thankful Miles had modified it to make it compatible with the communicators he built for him and the rest of the team.

The phone beeped and and an LED indicating a feed into the communications network and another showing the front-facing camera was active flickered to life as she flipped a switch along the side. She tapped a few buttons on the touchscreen and watched as the banner showing Sonic’s name popped-up under the still black video feed.

‘Come on, pick-up,” she mumbled to herself as the waiting icon that resembled a yin-yang symbol made of two intertwined fox tails continued to spin. A sigh of relief slipped out as the feed flickered to life with video Sonic’s face.

“What’s up, Grandma? Need me to pick-up your new dentures?” Sonic teased.

“You smartass,” she giggled.

“Hey, just doing like my parents taught and being nice to the elderly,” he smiled and laughed, “Seriously though, what’s up?”

“I had to take care of something and I’m afraid I won’t be home before dark, can you drop by and check on Miles, maybe hang-out with him until I get home?” she asked.

“No problem, I can always make time to hang-out with my little bro,” he replied, “something wrong?”

“Thanks, it’s just that what happened the other day with that maniac has me nervous even though I know you guys can handle yourselves,” she looked to the side, letting her bangs cover her eyes.

“Hey, Grandma,” she noticed him giving a sincere smile that was somehow reassuring and looking up at her with caring eyes, “Remember the day I met you guys and promised I’d protect him no matter what when he asked me to be his friend?”

Melinda spaced out as the memory came flooding back to her.


A crash echoed through the house as the front door slammed open and Melinda quickly looked up from her book. Her mind instinctively kicked into panic mode when she a blue Hedgehog no older than 13 guiding her badly beaten son into the living room and jumped off the couch, fully ready drag the possible attacker back to his own mother by the ear.

Wait, blue teenage hedgehog? Sonic? The kid that keeps stopping that mad scientist and that Miles’ idolizes?” She calmed down and felt relief wash over her when she realized he had likely been the one to save Miles.

“Hey lady, are you this kid’s sister? He’s beat up pretty bad I’m looking for your mom.” Sonic questioned, guiding Miles’ towards the couch and helping him up.

“Sonic,” Melinda stopped for a moment, “You are Sonic, right?”

“The one and only!” he grinned.

“Well, Sonic. That would be me. I’m his mother,” she made her way over and began to check Miles over, “Oh God, if it wasn’t against my morals to fight children I’d stomp all over whichever bullies did this to him,”

Bloody nose, black eye, cut lip, and numerous bruises and scrapes. This was definitely the worst shape she had ever seen him in and brutal even by the standards of his tormentors.

“Wait, what?” Sonic looked at her in amazement, “You don’t look old enough to be someone’s mom.”

“I get that a lot, I guess I just aged gracefully,” she smiled.

“Mom?” Miles sniffed, “they hurt me bad this time and they broke the radio I built.”

“You’re gonna be okay, we’ll get you cleaned up and maybe bandage some of these cuts and everything will be fine,” she crouched down next to the sofa and put an arm around his shoulders before looking over at Sonic, “Sonic, I need you go to the kitchen straight back there and find the first-aid kit under the sink.”

“Okay,” Sonic stared at her for a moment before following her instructions and heading towards the back of the house.

“What about my radio?” he sniffed, “it’s so trashed I couldn’t even pick up the pieces”

“What’s important is that YOU’RE okay,” she pulled him closer and gently ruffled the fur on his head, “besides, I’m sure you can make another one.”

“but was special because it was the first really cool things I built,” he tried to wipe the tears from one of his eyes.

“What if I help you build another one? Then it’ll be special in a different way because we worked on it together,” she smiled.

“I guess that sounds fun,” he smiled

“Then maybe we can dig up some parts and work on it tomorrow if you’re feeling up to it,” she reached over and grabbed some tissue from the table to dry his eyes, “but for now you just need to try and calm down.”

“Okay,” he reached over and hugged her, “thanks, mom.”

“No problem, kiddo,” she kissed the top of his head as she hugged him back.


“Ouch,” Miles yelped as Melinda wiped the blood from his nose.

“Sorry, honey,” she said with a worried smile, “I don’t think anything is broken, but I guess it’s still sore, huh? I guess you got punched pretty hard.”

“No, one of them kicked when I was on the ground and tried to stomp on my face,” MIles sniffed.

Melinda, you are over 1100 years old and above going out there right now and whipping other people’s children, no matter much they deserve it for doing this to some kid half their age,” she felt her eye twitch as she mentally lectured herself.

“Mom, are you okay?” MIles asked with concern in his voice.

“Yeah, lady, you look more ticked off than Eggman after I trash one his death-traps.

“I’m fine, those bullies just make me really angry because I can’t do anything about it,” she took a deep breath and sighed before wiping off the last of the blood and grabbing another swab to clean his mouth.

“Why not?” Sonic asked.

“Don’t know their names or even who their parents are because it’s only a thirty minute walk to town where they could live anywhere, and I can never catch them.” she examined the cut on his lip, “it’s a pretty bad nic, but I think it’ll be fine.”

“Why would they do things like this, why did he ever do to deserve being picked on like this?” Sonic walked up and sat on the couch next to Miles.

“It’s because I have two tails, and because I’m smart for my age,” Miles looked down.

“Those are cool things though, why pick on you,” Sonic asked, getting visibly frustrated.

“Unfortunately, people are often scared by things and other people different from them or that they don’t just understand, and lash out at them because of their gifts,” a pained expression made it’s way across her face for a brief moment, “It’s something I’ve learned quite well over the years.”

“I think they’re just bullies,” Sonic crossed one leg over the other and leaned back, hands behind his head.

“Sonic? Do you really think my tails are cool?” Miles asked.

“Of course, I’ve seen you using them to fly when I’m on my runs,” Sonic said with a smile, I mean, who else can fly without wings?”

Melinda listened to them and felt her eyes tear up and as a feeling of joy started to wash over her. Had MIles finally found a friend and someone would accept him instead of mocking his gifts?

“Hey Sonic?” Miles asked nervously, “can you be my friend and come back to see me?”

“Of course, buddy,” Sonic reached out and ruffled his head-fur, “maybe I can run off those bullies next time since I’m here to help protect you, now.”

Thank you,” Melinda felt the tears running down her cheeks like so many nights before, but this time were tears of joy and relief. Not only had he made a friend, he had been accepted by one of his heroes.

“Mom, why are you crying? Is something wrong?” Miles asked.

“No honey, everything is fine,” she wrapped her arms around him and pulled the kit into a hug, “everything is going to be just fine now,.”

“I told him and you both I’d protect him, and I’m going back on that even if this guy is some insane immortal,” Sonic smirked, “that just means I don’t have to go easy on him.”

“I remember,” Melinda smiled as tears ran down her face, “I still can’t thank you enough for being his first real friend and being like a brother to him after all he went through.”

“It’s been almost two years, it’s amazing how time flies and how much he’s grown since then.” Sonic said.

“Yeah, I’m proud of him,” she rubbed the tears from her eyes, “You to, you’ve come along way just like he has.”

“I better get over there, see you when you make it home,” Sonic blushed.

“Of course, I’ll let you go,” she smirked, “oh, and Sonic. if you can’t reach the doorknob there’s a step-ladder around back.”

“I’ll keep that mind, Grandma,” he laughed before hanging up.

She shook her head and chuckled as she shoved the phone back into her pocket, not far from home was already merely another 40 minutes or so away foot, but cursed her current lack of a car. She mentally planned out to get a new license and get her hands on something until a familiar buzz in the air and cold chill down her spine brought her from her thoughts.

“Who’s there?” she looked up and down the empty side street and shouted.

“Why are you never happy to see me?”

The voice sent another chill down her spine and she whirled around to see Isa stepping out of the alley to her left.

“What the hell do you want,” she yelled.

“I’m hurt, I just wanted to talk to an old friend,” he faked a hurt expression.

“You’re no friend of mine you homicidal creep,” she said coldly.

“Oh come on,” he stepped closer to her, “we could have all kinds of fun together if you just let yourself go,”

“I’m not interested in what consider fun, you psychopath!” she stepped back.

“What’s so wrong with how I enjoy myself?” he smirked.

“You hurt people,” she thought for a moment before adding “hurt children for fun you sick piece of garbage.”

“Only mortals, because they’d soon be dead anyway and I might as well find some use for them,” he closed the distance between them once again, “so fragile and weak compared to us and yet you still waste your time with them.”

“That’s exactly why I protect them, because what’s what a warrior does. They use their strength to protect people.” she said.

“Such disgustingly idealistic delusions,” he quickly grabbed her by the throat with his cybernetic arm, catching her off guard and tossing her at the nearby wall.

“Go to hell,:” she yelled.

“Maybe I can play with you a bit and show you how good letting go can feel,” he grabbed her by the collar and drug her to feet, pressing her back to the well.

She merely glared at him and tried to choke back the fear as she looked into those eyes and saw the malice concealed behind them.

“Then maybe I can track down that brat of yours and-”

At those words, something snapped inside her and a wild grin spread across her face as as he moved his hands to her shoulders and leaned in closer, giving her an opening he’d regret. Without giving herself a moment to think she opened her mouth wide and sunk her teeth into the side of neck, biting down hard until he felt the warm blood flooding her mouth and threatening to gag her.

“Shit!” he cried, “and you call me twisted you bit-” he was cut off as she took advantage of his loosening grip to grab him and twist around, slamming his back into the wall and bringing her bloody mouth close to his face.

“Listen, you son of a bitch. If you even threaten my son or anyone of his friends again, I will end you. She had reached a breaking point where her anger overpowered any fear she had of him.

“You say you’re not like, me, but I’m not the one with a mouth full of someone else’s blood,” he smirked.

“Go to hell,” she choked back the panic as her actions set-in and wrapped a hand around his throat, “You brought this on yourself by attacking me and threatening my son!”

“Deja Vu,” she froze for a moment and shook, tightening her grip as she realized how familiar the scene was.

“What’s the matter, enjoying this to mu-” he was silenced and she jerked her hand around and snapped his neck.

His body slid down the wall and she backed away, still panicking. She knew she was justified in in incapacitating him, but still had to wonder if there was truth in his words that she had been denying about herself.

That’s why she couldn’t bring herself to finish this for good and left his body there, hurrying home before he could revive.


“Oh God, Mom!”

She heard the words and footsteps following her as she made the way upstairs and to the bathroom, finally collapsing in front of the toilet and gagging as her body convulsed and her stomach emptied

“What’s wrong, what happened?” she felt Miles wrap his arms around her, “Oh God, where did all this blood come from.”

“What the heck happened?” she heard Sonic ask.

“I just got into a little scuffle, that’s all, I’ll be fine,” she managed to wrap an arm around Miles without moving her head and gagged once more.

“That’s a lot of blood for a little scuffle, what the heck did they hit you with?” Sonic asked.

“It’s not my blood,” she coughed.

“...I don’t follow,” Sonic said.

“Oh God, Mom. Did you literally bite someone?” Miles asked, shocked.

“Yes,” she muttered, “but I’ll be fine, I just need to calm myself down”

“Wow,” Sonic crossed the bathroom and sat in the edge of the tub, “Things must have gotten really hairy.”

“It was another immortal,” she groaned, “that damn cybernetic arm caught me off guard.”

“Does that mean you..” you Miles trailed off, worry in his voice.

“No, honey,” she held him tighter, “I kicked his butt butt but he’s not dead-dead”

“Wait, I thought you people couldn’t really die for good,” Sonic asked.

“It’s a long story, maybe I’ll tell you later,” she took a deep breath and raised her head, noticing Miles flinching as he got a good look at her.

“Sonic, toss me that towel.” she asked.

He complied and she held it over her mouth, attempting to wipe off the blood and vomit.

“I know, I look horrible,” she said, “but i’ll be fine after a shower and something to take the taste out of my mouth,”

“Are you sure you’re gonna fine?” Miles asked.

“Of course,” she turned to face him and pulled him into a hug best she could with one free arm, “I’ll meet you guys downstairs after I shower and make us some milkshakes. I think we have some of that peppermint flavoring you like, some dark chocolate for me to get the taste out of my mouth, and maybe some blueberry syrup for Sonic..”

“You can’t go five minutes without picking on me, can you?” Sonic chuckled.

“Just returning the favor,” she looked down as Tails’ laughed.

“I told you everything would be fine,” she rubbed his back.

“Okay,” he loosened his grip and started to break away to leave, “No matter happens, I love you.”
“You too, kiddo.”
“M-mom, please w-wake up.”

Those were the first words Melinda heard as she regained consciousness and they sent her mind into a panic. It was the voice of her 5 year old adopted son, Miles, and that meant he had found her sometime after she crawled into the house and succumbed to blood-loss in the middle of the living room floor.

The only thought on her mind was of him sobbing next to her, and how frightened he must have been to find her bleeding all over the floor and not breathing. She knew that she would have to explain to him what she was someday, but she never wanted it to happen like this and cursed herself for putting him through it. God, how long had be there next to her unresponsive body and pleading for her to answer?

“M-Mom?” An undercurrent of hope entered his voice, he must have heard heard her heart start beating again, maybe heard her breathe.

She forced open her eyes and saw him looking down her her with bloodshot eyes and tear-stains on his face. It hurt, the fear in his eyes hurt because she new it was her fault for not being more careful. No matter what it took, she would now have to make it right by explaining everything to him as best she could and calming his fears.

A groan escaped her lips as the feeling finally came back to her body and she forced herself to sit up, Miles’ still clinging to her. She put her arm around him and he buried his face in her side as he began to sob.

“It’s okay, honey. I’m okay now and I’m right here,” she rubbed his back and spoke gently

“Y-you weren’t breathing and I c-couldn’t make you wake up. It was just like what happened to Snowy and I thought..” He continued to sob and he trailed off.

Snowy, a wolf-dog she had long before she adopted him that had finally succumb to age and passed on, and that he was unfortunate enough to find. It was at that point she had to explain death to him and it made the timing of this that much worse.

“I’m sorry it took so long for me to wake-up, but I’m fine now and you don’t have to worry anymore.” she did her best to sound happy and energetic.

“No you’re not, t-there’s blood everywhere and you have those cuts on you,”

“I know this looks bad, but I promise that I’m okay.” she pulled him even closer and noticed the blood staining his fur for the first time, her blood.

“Y-you’re hurt bad, I saw it.” he sobbed, “why are you lying?”

“MIles, I promise I’m not lying.” she said softly.

“b-but,” he whined.

“Honey, please look at me for a minute, “ she said.

He merely whined and shook his head.

“I know you’re scared, but no matter how scary I look it’s still me.” she said, “I can explain everything to you if you just look up for a minute.”

She put on her best smile as he slowly opened his eyes and looked up, flinching as his eyes met hers. Did she really look that bad from the punch to the nose she took?.

“Is this what you were talking about, here on my tummy?” she noticed him looking down at where she had taken a pretty deep slash to the stomach, “it’s already all gone, look.”

Her fingers found the wound and she gently pulled apart the fabric of her t-shirt to show that the dried blood staining the white fur of her stomach was all that remained of the injury. Cautiously, Miles reached out with one hand and she give him a nod before he carefully ran his fingers over the stain. The look of disbelief on his face told her that this wasn’t going to be easy.

“There was a really bad cut there, I saw it. How did it did go away?” he asked.

“Miles, there’s something I need to explain you. I was going to wait until you were older but it looks like it can’t wait anymore, but you have to keep it a secret for now, okay?”

“Okay,” Miles said softly.

She took a deep breath and thought for a moment, desperately trying to find the words to explain it, “I guess I’ll start slow. Miles, you know how old I am, right?”

“We just had your 26th birthday,” he answered.

“That’s right,  but I’ve sort of been lying about my birthday until I was ready to explain all this. Miles, how high can you count?”

“I’m really good with numbers,” he smiled through the tears, “I can count to 100”

At least he was calming down, but this was going to involve a math lesson.

“Very good, do you at least sort of understand what comes after that? How you start counting again until it becomes 200, or even 300?” she asked.

“Kind of, it’s tricky but I knew numbers go really high you can have more than one hundreds,” he said with a sniffle.

“If I said 1100 to you, what you have some idea of how big that is?” she asked.

“That’s like 11 100s, right? That’s really big.” he said, scrunching his face and trying to understand the large number.”

“Yes, and it’s also how old I really am,” and how came he part where she’d fear she’d lose him.

“but you don’t look old,” he said, confusion evident on his face.

“I know, that’s because I don,’t,” she thought for a moment before choosing a better to explain it, “my body doesn’t get older like everyone else’s does. I don’t get wrinkles and my hair doesn’t turn grey or any of that other stuff that happens to old people. I’ll always look I do right now.”

“Why’s that,” he asked.

“I’m something called an Immortal, do you understand what that means?” she asked.

“I think I’ve heard that word in fairy tales, doesn’t it just mean you’re really old, like you said?” he asked.

“Kind of. but is also means that no-one can hurt me, at least permanently because I heal very fast, like you saw and even if something really bad like that happens to me, I’ll just come back ”

“Does that mean you were de-” he once again buried his face on her side before he could finish the last word.

“I’m afraid so, but if it helps you can just think of it like sleeping because I always wake-up,” she gently rubbed the back of his head.

“but you told me it doesn’t happen like that and it sounds like a make-believe story. My head hurts and I’m confused,” he said, his voice still shaking.

“Honey, you know I wouldn’t lie to you about something like this,” she said.

“I know, but I’m scarred and I feel like I’m having a bad dream,” he said.

“Come on, I need to show you something,” she carefully stood up into a crouch and put one arm around his legs and the other around his back, waiting for him to put his arm around her shoulder before lifting him off the floor and carrying him to the couch.

“I need you to listen carefully,” she carefully set him down and sat next to him on the couch, “You’re going to have to trust me for a minute and try not to panic because this might be scary at first, okay?”

“I trust you mama, I’m just scarred.”

“Okay, just try to stay calm,” she felt around her back for her dagger and unsheathed it, making sure to slide it up and carefully grip it by the blade so it would be pointed at her as she showed it to him. It’s not like he had never seen it before, but was still an extra measure to keep from scaring him

“What are you gonna do with your knife?” he asked, a look of concern on his face.

“This is the part that might get a little scary, but I need you pay close attention, okay?” almost reflectively, she flipped it around in her hand and choked up on it, so her thumb was resting on the flat of the blade near the tip before placing the edge against the palm of her other hand, causing his eyes to grow wide.

“Mom…” he choked out, “are you going to hurt yourself?”

“It’s okay, just trust me,” she said softly before carefully slicing into her palm and holding it out to him , “watch”.

A familiar tingling sensation quickly replaced the sting of the cut and she noticed his fear turn to curiosity and then amazement as it faintly glowed and gradually disappeared. He cautiously took her hand and she slowly worked her fingers and rubbed the fresh blood with the tips to show him it gone and she was unharmed.  

“Do you believe me now?” she asked softly.

His eye’s lit up with excitement that overpowered his prior fear and she nearly fell off the couch as he tackled her with a hug and squealed with joy, causing her to instinctively toss the knife to the floor where he wouldn’t accidently bump into it and cut himself.

“Hey kiddo, you okay?” she chuckled, “I guess you’re feeling better, huh?”

“You were telling the truth about all if, weren’t you?” he asked excitedly

“Of course,” she answered.

“That makes you like some kind of super-hero, just like in my comics,” he squealed, hugging her even tighter, “what makes the magic work?.”

“I’m glad you’re warming up to this,” she laughed, “It’s kinda hard to explain, but immortals have this thing called a quickening, that’s a sort of like, well. a kind of magic inside us. Not only does it heal us but it gives us almost perfect recall and let’s use sense each other,” she explained.

“Perfect recall?” he asked?

“It means I have a really good memory and I don’t forget things easily,” she laughed.

“Does that mean you can tell me stories and stuff about all the cool things you’ve seen?” he asked excitedly

“I don’t see why not, you just have to give me some time to remember some fun ones,” she said. “..but can you let me up”?

“Is something wrong?” he asked with a worried expression.

“No, I just need shower off and change real quick” she touched her nose to his, eliciting a laugh “and then I’m going to give you a bath and help you scrub all this off.”  

She’d likely need another shower later after that, but it would give him a chance to settle down before she tried bathing him and keep her from merely making the mess worse with the blood coating her own body and clothing.


To think, I’d almost forgot how hard it is to get this stuff out,” she dumped more shampoo in her hand and worked it in the fur on his head before continuing the scrub at the stain.

Miles didn’t seem to mind her efforts and just contentedly played with one of his toy boats as she fought with the now drying smears of blood and mused about how normal parents likely didn’t have to deal with their kids winding up covered in blood unless it involved 911.

Absentmindedly glancing around the bathroom, she smiled when her eyes landed on a bottle of green bubble-bath with a cartoonish depiction of a knight fighting a fire-breathing dragon and decided a small story might distract her if nothing else.

“You know, I knew a real knight once.” she said.

“Really?” he looked up at her with curious eyes.

“Yeah, he was another immortal like me and I was actually the one that had to teach him about it,” she grabbed a washcloth and began scrubbing a spot on his cheek after finally getting out all she could of the stubborn stain on his head.

“He didn’t know?” Miles asked, looking confused.

“Well, we know don’t about it until we get hurt bad enough that it sort of activates and we’re just like anyone else until that happens. If we’re lucky another immortal that’s nice finds us and becomes our friend and teacher, and then later we carry on that tradition when we meet others that need the same,” she explained.

“So you were his teacher, then?” Miles asked.

“That’s right, I wasn’t even 300 years old at the time and he wound up being my first student as well as a close friend,” she sighed as she noticed some dried blood caked behind his ear and started picking it.

“What was he like?” Miles asked, “was he a good knight?”

“The perfect example of one. He was fighting in a war that he thought was to protect his home, until he found out some of of the other knights we’re bad people that were bullying innocent people that had nothing to do with the fighting. He stood up to them and tried to stop it, but they attacked him and and left them in the church where I found him,” she worked her way down to a smeared fingerprint on his shoulder.

“So he protected people?” Miles asked.

“Yes, and he was so dedicated to it that he later created his own order of knights where each and every one promises to help protect people and to never fight unless it’s to protect themselves or someone else, “ she looked in the water behind him and signed when she caught sight of some splatters on one of his tails, “How did you get any on there?”

“Hey, that tickles,” he laughed as she fished it out from under the water and began gently scrubbing it.

“Does it tickle as much as this?” she laughed and playfully tickled one of his ears, causing him to giggle.

“Mom!” he laughed, “you know my ears are sensitive!”

“Why do you think I did that?” she grinned, “I think we’re almost done, so just make sure your personal places are clean and then you can get out, okay? I’ll watch a movie with you so can relax a little before bed.”

“Okay,” she felt him fidget around in the water as scrubbed the last of a spot off his back, “can we watch my favorite movie?”

“Of course,” she chuckled, “I had guessed that you’d want to!”

“I’m all clean now!” he held his arms and she lifted him out, wrapping a towel around him.

“Do you need me to help you dry off?” she asked as she set him down.

“Just my back,” he answered as he awkwardly tried to wring-out one of his tails.

“Turn around,” he complied and she carefully worked the water out of his fur.

“What his name?” Miles asked.

“Who?” she replied, a bit confused.

“Your friend, the knight.” he said, “what’s his name?”

“His name was Jericho,” she smiled “maybe you’ll get to meet him someday”.

“Hey Mom?” MIles asked, “how did you get hurt so bad?”

Here we go,” she thought to herself, “I was fighting with someone.”

“Was it because they did something bad?” he asked.

“Yes, they attacked me first,” she motioned for him to turn around where she could see his face, “You have to understand there’s bad immortals just like anyone else can be a bad person, and sometimes we fight each other because of that.”

“So the good guys like you have to stop the bad guys?” he innocently asked, “is that why hide your powers sort of like superheroes do?”

Naivety and innocence, there’s nothing quite as inspiring as the idealism that comes with it. If he can’t conceive of me as anything but the hero of this story, is that a sign I’ve been a good mother?’ She smiled, “Yes, sometimes I have to fight because someone attacks me first, or because I have to protect someone. Keeping it a secret makes it harder for those people to find me and keeps us both safer,” she reached up and helped him dry his head off.

“I think I understand, “he smiled, but she could the disappointment on his face “I promise not to tell anyone, then.”

“Hey, I’m sure someday will make some friends we can really trust and let them on the secret,” she pulled him into a hug and kissed his forehead, “That way I won’t have to pretend to be your sister around them when you get older.”

“Okay,” he laughed.


Things had finally started to calm down and Melinda yawned as she struggled to pay attention to the cartoon playing on the TV, and to Miles talking about various things on the screen like the plane the hero was flying.

The kit was curled up next to her on the couch with his head resting against her side and she had covered him with her coat, which by some small miracle had escaped getting any blood on it. He was clearly struggling to stay awake and finish his movie, but let out a yawn as he tried to huddle up even closer to her.

“Getting sleepy?” she gently stroked one of his ears, “I can carry you upstairs if you want.”

“but I wanna stay with you,” he said.

“Still a little nervous?” she smiled.

“Yes, I just wanna be with you right now”

“If you want, we can just sleep here on the couch for tonight.” she said softly, “would you like that?”

“Can I just go to sleep snuggled up next to you like this? It makes me feel all warm and safe.” he said.

“Of course, honey,” she wrapped her arm around him.

“I love you, mom,” he said with a yawn as he closed his eyes.

“I love you to, Miles. Goodnight, kiddo.” she shifted her head into a comfortable position, an uneasy task with current arrangement, and let sleep take her as wel
A Mother's Secret
After dying in the middle of her living and waking up to Miles crying over her body, Melinda is forced to explain her immorality to her adopted son far sooner than she had planned.

AU in which Tails' adoptive mother is an immortal.

Mature Content

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“Do I have to repeat myself? I’m not letting either of you in because he’s not wearing shoes and there’s no way you’re 21.”

“The owner is barely 18 years old, does that mean you’d also refuse entry to your own boss?”

Melinda’s patience was growing thin as she argued with the stubborn bull that had spent the last hour refusing her and Kai entry to Club Rouge. She understood this song and dance all too much as one of the drawbacks of having eternal youth that started sometime around an impressively young looking 20, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating when she  had“business” to attend to in places like this.

“Also, what’s the big deal about Kai not wearing shoes? Mobian guys run around stark-naked all the time and SHOES are that important to you? Does that mean I can strip-down right here and still meet whatever insane dress-code you have as long as I put my boots back on?” Melinda nearly shouted.

“I’d have to check the manual, I’m not actually sure if the codes are unisex,” The bull stammered.

“Why? To verify just how idiotic the dress code actually is?” Melinda snapped.

“Well, I guess- Hey, that doesn’t even matter because there’s still no way you’re 21.” The bull’s expression hardened, “clothes or not, I’m not letting you in.”

“Oh, I assure you once again that I’m a lot older than I look and I just thought maybe a look at what I’m packing would help convince you,” she smirked.

“Lady, I don’t care if you look like Daisy Duke under that trenchcoat. I’m not letting you in without some kind of ID and I’m not letting him in without shoes,” The bull put crossed his arms and leaned down to glare at her.

“Maybe I should try a different approach,” she hissed through her teeth,”what if I told you I was also a lot stronger than I looked?”

“Melissia, I’m sure we can work this out peacefully. I can go retrieve a pair of shoes and we can find you some sort of ID,” Kai quickly moved up next to them.

“Yeah, kid. Listen to your dad over here and don’t start something you can’t finish,” The bull snorted.

“What are you? Like six feet tall? 300lbs or so? Do you really want to explain to your boss a woman roughly a foot and a half shorter than you and less than a third of your body weight forced her past you?” Melinda continued to smirk, putting on a poker-face to conceal her rising anger.

“I’d love to know all about the reality that would happen in,” he scoffed.

“Melissa, I have to once again remind you this is a very bad idea and the last thing we want is to cause a scene,” Kai spoke frantically, obviously starting to lose his calm demeanor.  

“I’m not going to cause any scene, Kai,” she spoke sweetly before suddenly grabbing the bull’s horns and pulling him close to glare right into his eyes, ”as long as this overgrown heffer doesn’t keep pushing me.”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” he said flatly, “because my advice that you listen to daddy and go home still stands and I don’t fight girls”

“No, I’m asking sternly. If I wanted to intimidate you, I’d do this,” she quickly swung her leg up, burying her boot in his groin, bringing him to his knees.

“I’m going to have to call poor Miles to bail his mother out of jail, again,” Kai muttered, rubbing his eyes.

“Are you some kind of crazy bi-” the bull was cut off by Melinda wrapping a hand around his snout.

“No, I’m just a woman who has been under unbelievable stress for the last couple days and is currently in need of potentially vital information that your boss likely has that could help protect her son and his friends,” Melinda nearly pressed her face into his, “Now let me in before I  really lose my temper.”

The bull merely mumbled something unintelligible in response.

“I think you’re going to have to let go if you want him to answer,” Kai said, prompting her to loosen her group and let her hand slip free of his snout.

“I said, go right on in. I’m sure the boss will love the company,” he said with a forced smile.

“Now see, was that really so hard?” she let go of his horns, causing him to clutch himself and collapse into the fetal position.

“Do I really look old enough to be your dad?” Kai asked as he followed her into the Casino.

“It’s the white hair,” she answered.
Melinda glanced at Kai and noted how his white hair and blue eyes almost glowed under the fluorescent lights of the dimly lit Casino. The place was definitely classy, but she expected no less from someone like Rouge who showed such an obsession with the finer things in life. She would’ve almost assumed it some trendy nightclub if not for the sounds of various gambling machines coming from the main part of the building.

“Do you think she’s here?” Kai asked, seemingly dumbstruck by his surroundings.

“After all the trouble I went to getting us in, I sure hope so,” Melinda scanned the room before her eyes finally came to rest on the bar, which was tended by a purple hedgehog, “just follow my lead and we’ll find out.”

“Excuse me, miss,” she approached the bar and rested her arms on the counter.

“May I help you?” the hedgehog questioned.

“Maybe, I was just wondering if the owner was around. My dad is getting re-married and we thought about holding the reception here,” she lied.

“I take it this is the lucky groom right here?” The hedgehog asked, motioning to Kai, who had began to blush.

“Yes, this is my old man. His fiance is really a wonderful woman and he’s a lucky guy to have her,” Melinda stepped over and wrapped her arms around Kai’s neck with a smile, “Isn’t that right, dad?”

Of course, the irony hadn’t escaped her, but the cover story was already all but written for her and thus she chose to play the cards she was dealt.

“Of course, such a lovely woman,” Kai gave a weak smile and leaned down to whisper in Melinda’s ear, “Do I really look that old or do you just look that young?”

“Like I said, it’s the hair,” she whispered back, stealing a glance at the bartender to make sure she was still buying it.

“The boss loves weddings, so I’m sure she’d love to discuss it. I can take you to her office right now.” The hedgehog quickly came around the front of the bar and motioned for them to follow.

“I hope you have a plan” Kai asked quietly.

“I’ll figure something out, just stay cool.” Melinda answered

“It’s not me I’m worried about.” Kai whispered.

The three quickly reached a dark purple door with a pink, heart-shaped sign bearing the name “Rouge”, the hedgehog knocked.

“Who is it?” a deep, feminine voice called from within.

“It’s Leana, m’am. There’s someone here that wants to talk about a wedding reception,” the hedgehog eased open the door a crack and peered inside.

“Sounds romantic, let them in,” the voice answered.

Leana quickly left for her post after motioning the two inside and closing the door behind them. The office was lit much the same as the rest of the club and painted in lavish deep purples and pinks with a deep-black desk in the middle of the room. A desk chair with purple upholstery sat behind it with it’s back facing them.

“So, who’s the lucky cou-” Rouge fell silent for a moment as she spun the chair around and looked at Melinda with wide eyes. ”You’re Fox Boy’s mother, that must mean Eggman wasn’t losing his marbles after all,”

“So I’m guessing you’ve already been filled in, even if I have no idea how egghead found out,” Melinda placed her hands in her pockets.

“The part where you died or the part where you’re some kind of ancient immortal being? I admit when he told me I thought he had finally lost his last screw and I was actually just about to track the kid down to pay my respects,” Rouge said, “I knew at least the dead part was true because word spreads fast when something like that happens.”

“I’m touched you care,” Melinda didn’t betray any kind of emotion and stood her ground by the door.

“Hey, even if he always helps ruin my fun he’s still a good kid and no eight year old deserves to have his only parent ripped away like that. I may be greedy, but I’m not heartless.” Rouge crossed one leg over the other and leaned back.

“If you really do have that much decency, maybe you can help me,” Melinda stepped forward with Kai in close behind her.

“That depends on what you need, just because I’m nice doesn’t mean I’m stupid or cheap,” Rough had picked up a blue gemstone off her desk and was now fiddling with it.

“Eggman seems to have gained a new business partner, someone that that has some unfinished business with me and I with him,” Melinda leaned down and placed her hands on the desk.

Rouge silently turned the gem over in her hands for a few moments and stared at it before speaking up, “So you know about that freakshow,” she said.

“Yes, we go back a long way and I need to know what’s he’s planning and why he’s working with Eggman,” Melinda said.

“Give one good reason I should concern myself with this little feud between you and him anymore than the the fight between Sonic and Eggman,” Rouge sounded uneasy, Melinda could almost swear it was a hint of fear in her voice.

“You said yourself you wouldn’t want to see MIles made an orphan, and if I’m right that “freakshow” as you call him wants to put me down for good and is working with Eggman to do it,” Melinda said.

“I already told Eggman I wouldn’t be party to some kind of twisted attempt as an assassination, that’s why I walked away when he asked me to keep on eye on that piece of work,” Rouge looked up at the ceiling, still playing with the gem.

“Rouge,” Kai stepped forward, drawing the attention of both women.

“Whose he? You’re date?” Rouge asked, closing her eyes

“No, I’m just an old friend that would very much like to help her,” Kai said.

“Then help her, you don’t need my help to do that,” Rough answered without opening her eyes.

“I guess neither of us NEEDS you, but I think you know at least some of what they’re planning and that information would be highly useful,” Kai leaned down next to Melinda.

“I just want no part of any of this insanity,” Rough said.

“None of us do, but if you didn’t do all you could to prevent what you know is wrong, wouldn’t that put some of their blood on your hands?” He asked.

“What do you mean, “their?”,” Rouge asked.

“We know that man as Isa, and unlike you he has no honor or aversion to innocent blood shed. I would even make an educated guess that he enjoys the pain he inflicts and from I know he his favorite targets are children,” Kai walked around and placed his hand on the chair.

“I don’t understand,” Rouge opened her eyes and stared up at him.

“Rouge, he didn’t just threaten me. He threatened my son and he threatened Cream,” Melinda spoke up before Kai could answer, barely holding back a sudden flare-up of anger.

“I should've guessed, there was just something about that creep that made my skin crawl,” Rouge let out a sigh and lowered the gem into her lap.

“So will you help us, then? Will you help us stop this monster?” Kai asked, “I know you desire to and I can see that’s what your heart speaks to you.”

“As long you don’t get me caught in the crossfire, because I guess I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t,” Rouge sighed and took a deep breath before beginning her story.

“I don’t know much aside from the fact he introduced himself as Frost Bite and just happened to be there when The Doctor was discussing you with one of his informants that he sent digging for dirt,” Rouge said.

“Why would he want information on me?” Melinda asked.

“I guess you had a little chat with Sonic and Knuckles about why you weren’t in a morgue somewhere and one of his spy-bots got an earful AND eyeful of the conversation. I was only half-paying attention because like I said, I thought he had just finally gone even more insane than usual, but I guess I was wrong,” Rough said, “should I go on?”

“Yes, continue,” Kai said.

“After digging up your past history as a soldier he started wonder if you were a threat, at least that’s what I could gather. That freak showed up at just the right time and claimed he could deal with you so Eggman told him to have at it, something about being curious what immortals could really do,” Rough said.

“At what point did you walk away?” Kai asked

“As soon as he asked me to help run intel for the creep along with keeping an eye on him and told me why, I may not be an angel but murdering mothers and making orphans is not something I want to be an accomplice to, and even if I did assume it was a shared delusion it was still a good way to get SOMEONE hurt,” Rouge said.

“Did you overhear any of their plans?” Kai asked.

“No, I don’t think he even told Eggman how he planned to do the job. He just made sure he’s have access to any equipment he might need and went on his merry way,” Rough shifted in her seat, “but if I had to guess, he wants to lure into a trap by taking Fox Boy and the rabbit girl as bait. I’m sorry I don’t know more.

“If that’s everything, thank you for your time,” Kai placed a hand Rouge’s shoulder, “you can always find me at the church if you learn anything more and I’m sure you know where to find Melinda.”

“Just make me one promise in return,” Rouge said, “Make sure you stop that creep, that poor little girl hasn’t done anything to deserve being wrapped up in this and I wouldn’t want to see Fox Boy wind up at the mercy of someone like him, either.”

“Rouge, I didn’t know there was really a heart in there somewhere,” Melinda smiled.

“Like your friend said, I’m no monster and I only agree to work with Eggman because I know he’s too incompetent to actually win,” Rouge chuckled, “He also pays well and gives me a shot at the emeralds and annoying Knucklehead.”  

The door to the room creaked open and all three of them looked towards the entrance, where a familiar black and red hedgehog had entered.

“Rouge, why is your bouncer huddled on the ground muttering something about a crazy vixen while clutching his groin?” Shadow asked coldly.

“I’m just gonna guess you didn’t have an easy time getting here,” Rouge smirked at Melinda.

“I’m sorry about that, but things have been stressful and he just got on my last nerve,” Melinda smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, that brute needed an attitude adjustment anyway and you’ve saved me the trouble,” Rouge once again leaned back in her chair, “I’ll just have someone drag him and get him an ice-pack”

“Then I guess we better be leaving before someone decides to go round two,” Kai straightened his back and made his way towards the door with Melinda following.

Melinda smirked as she heard the conversation starting behind her.

“You’re going to tell me that women gave your incompetent staff that beating?” Shadow said, his voice fading as the two made their towards the back door.
Melinda Headshot by shobonimaster
Melinda Headshot

Okay, so since I half-assed her face so much I decided to two a quick and messy bust of Melinda.

My idea for it is despite the decidedly masculine way she tends to dress, she DOES look quite feminine as a result of be physically 20 with eternal young. It also makes the fact she fight’s dirtier than the average thug and will gladly go for a groin shot during a sword fight all the more jarring.

I drew her with a simple and neutral expression to highlight her eyes 

Seriously though, I actually remembered to upload something here, even if it was a one-shot fanfic.
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